Our Archaeology department collaborates with other Indigenous groups, governmental, public and private sector organizations on a diverse portfolio of projects. Our focus is to work collaboratively with proponents to develop archaeological programs which benefit all parties involved.

Client Resource Management

Our unique perspective enables us to maintain and protect the histories, sacred sites, ancient Indigenous villages and landscapes of all Canadians. Each feature is treated with the utmost respect and is managed in both culturally relevant and scientifically appropriate ways.

Regardless of your project size, our Archaeology department is capable of providing a number of services. We have experience is working with both private homeowners and large, multi-year development projects. We can help complete any project, such as:

  • Archaeological Overview Assessments (AOA)
  • Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIA)
  • Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFR)
  • Archaeological Survey and Inventories (AIS)
  • Mitigation (Small to Large Scale Excavation)
  • Culturally Modified Tree Inventory and Analysis

Geographic Information Systems

Our in-house GIS team has experience in both digital and print mapping methods. Using a combination of cartographic and social geography tools and methods, our team is more than capable of completing a variety of projects such as maps of cultural resources and ecological features. By utilizing advancements in technology, our team has the capacity to offer LiDAR and GPS services even in complex vegetation. We have a full suite of data management services such as data capture, data transformation, as well as vector and raster analysis.

Corporate Social Responsibility

From its origins in 2006, KDLP has included a varied mix of employees from multiple backgrounds and intersections including along racial, ethnic, religious/credence, sexuality, and gender lines. KDLP actively promotes a progressive interpretation of this standard to our managers and leaders. One of KDLP’s prime mandates is to help build capacity for Katzie First Nation, which we accomplish through our hiring and training practices of community members and other Indigenous peoples. This mandate provides motivation to build a stronger community through increased access and opportunity. To help ensure that we have a welcoming workplace, KDLP has distinct policies for Cultural Accommodation, Accommodation on the basis of Disability, Community
Service, and Employee Recognition.

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