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Our People

The KDLP-Archaeology Team
Tanja Hoffmann, PhD Cand.

temp photoSince the day KDLP-Archaeology was founded, Tanja has served as our Senior Archaeologist and Project Director. She holds a BA in Archaeology, a Masters Degree in First Nations studies and is currently completing her PhD in Resource and Environmental Management. In addition to over 15 years of archaeological consulting experience, she is a Professional Member of the BC Association of Professional Archaeologists. Tanja also specializes in heritage policy and planning, and in cultural impact assessments and traditional use studies.

Ian Cameron, MSC

temp photoSince 2008, Ian has served as one of our senior Archaeologists. He has 11 years of BC archaeology consulting experience and has successfully completed many archaeological projects ranging from forestry cut-block surveys to archaeological excavations. Ian has an MSc from University College London in 2005 and is a past President of the BC Association of Professional Archaeologists. Ian has also served as the president of the Archaeological Society of BC and is a member of the Canadian Archaeological Association, Society for American Archaeology and World Archaeological Congress.


temp photoRoma is a Katzie First Nation member, a trained palaeoethnobotanical technician, and has over 8 years of experience in field work and laboratory analysis. In addition to specializing in researching traditional plant use within the territory, she has attended workshops conducted by the Canadian Conservation Institute in perishable artifact conservation and is currently completing conservation of the sizable assemblage of perishable artifacts from DhRp-52.

Crystal Sawyer, BA, Archaeologist

temp photoCrystal has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University and has been a consulting archaeologist since 2010. She has completed work on a variety of projects in the energy sector, including oil and gas projects in northeastern and coastal BC. In addition to consulting experience, she has excavation experience in both coastal and interior environments. She has been working with KDLP since April 2013.


temp photoAmy is our wet-site specialist. With over 10 years of experience in the Pacific Northwest, she has been with us since 2007. She has supervised many archaeological studies during her time with us, including the wet-site excavations at DhRp-52 alongside world renowned wet-site specialist Kathryn Bernick. She also manages the KDLP-Archaeology perishable artifact analysis and conservation lab. She completed her field school at the Qwu?gwes wet-site under the direction of Dr. Dale R. Croes and is currently completing her Master’s thesis at Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Dr. George P. Nicholas.


temp photoKDLP-Archaeology has a number of highly experienced technicians available to assist with a complete range of archaeological field and lab work, from initial survey to data analysis. Our on-call crew list consists of over 100 people, many of whom have several years of experience. We have built a reputation among other archaeological consulting companies as providing some of the best-trained, most efficient field crews in the Lower Mainland.