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Specialty Services

Specialized services that fit your budget.


Service Overview

Our laboratory team at KDLP will work with you to meet your palaeoethnobotanical analysis needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. We specialize in the retrieval and processing of plant macroremains from dry and water-saturated deposits. Our full range of palaeoethnobotanical services includes:

  • assistance with sampling design and retrieval
  • sampling, flotation and processing
  • macroremain and charcoal identification
  • quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • reporting

KDLP works in consultation with a range of specialists, including Dr. Natasha Lyons who specializes in the study of palaeoethnobotany and ethnobotany. Together our team will work with you to provide the necessary services to meet your sampling, analysis, and reporting requirements.

Palaeoethnobotany is the study of past human-plant interrelationships. This involves the analysis of plant macroremains such as seeds, charcoal, leaves, and stems. Palaeoethnobotanical analysis can help determine a range of past plant use activities, such as harvest range and collection methods, processing and cooking techniques, trade, storage and construction.