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Specialty Services

Specialized services that fit your budget.


Service Overview

Our conservation department offers specialized services to suit your budget. We have successfully analysed and conserved over 20,000 perishable artifacts. KDLP prides ourselves on flexible solutions to meet both your conservation and budgetary needs.

Our conservation packages include:

Materials We Can Conserve:

We can assess, treat and monitor a variety of perishable artifacts from the most fragile fragment of basketry to canoe pieces!

To date we have conserved:

  • nearly 200 wooden digging sticks and digging stick tips
  • basketry fragments and contents (e.g. tule fragments recovered in direct association with basketry fragment)
  • ochre nodules and artifacts with ochre staining
  • wooden labrets and earspools
  • wood-working debris (including thousands of wood chips)
  • ecofacts including wapato, hazelnuts and tule
  • cordage made of bark and roots
Our Conservation Package Includes:
  • assessment of artifact condition
  • treatment plan design and implementation
  • conservation monitoring
  • packaging assessment and
  • long-term care and storage guidance

If you require conservation of these or other perishable materials, contact us and we will provide a service package tailored to your needs.

The KDLP Difference

Our team has attended workshops with the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI), Ottawa, ON who use the most up-to-date techniques for perishable object conservation. Our laboratory has conserved materials from both Canadian and American clients.

We will provide you with fair, competitive rates to ensure perishable object conservation can fit into your budget.

Contact us for a cost estimate.