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Archaeological Services

Archaeological Services

The KDLP team has a combined 40 years experience in all aspects of cultural resource management. We have completed both large and small-scale archaeological projects for a wide variety of government, industry and private clientele. Through this experience we have developed innovative excavation procedures, analytical techniques and data management systems that maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.

Our archaeological team is well versed in the legislative requirements that may affect your project, and are available to work with your project team to design an archaeological approach that meets Provincial heritage requirements while reducing impacts to project design and timelines.

As a First Nation owned and operated consulting company, we have built lasting relationships with other communities and local research institutions. We keep our client�s best interests in mind when providing procedural guidance and in doing so meet the archaeological requirements of both the Provincial government while respecting the relevant First Nations� policy and procedures.

The KDLP team is comprised of a diverse array of cultural resource management professionals, many of whom have specialized skills. Consequently, we have garnered a reputation for producing comprehensive research based on highly innovative approaches.

KDLP provides specialist services in lithic analysis, soils and sediment analysis, palaeoethnobotany, wet-site excavation, and perishable artifact analysis and conservation. Consequently, we can carry out select-service contracts for specific components of an archaeological study. To date, we have completed specialist service contracts for several other archaeological consulting companies and First Nations.

We offer the following archaeological services:

  • Archaeological Overview Assessments (AOA)
  • Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIA)
  • Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFR)
  • Archaeological Survey and Inventories (AIS)
  • Construction Monitoring in Archaeologically or Culturally Sensitive Areas
  • Mitigation (Small to Large Scale Excavation)
  • Culturally Modified Tree Inventory and Analysis
  • Archaeological, Cultural, Historical & Ethnographic Research
  • Traditional Land Use Studies
  • Heritage Outreach Planning Programming
  • Project Management
  • Public Education
  • Training Services

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